Bekker NAWA is one of the flagship programs of the Polish National Agency for Academic Exchange. During the stays – lasting from 3 to 24 months – the scholarship holders will be able to carry out scientific projects or postdoctoral internships together with foreign scientists, and to develop international cooperation.


(PI: Artur Rydosz)

Identification of new beta cell biomarkers for the early detection of pre-diabetes and non-alcoholic fatty liver diseases


OPUS is a funding opportunity intended for a wide range of applicants. The research proposal submitted under this scheme may include the purchase or construction of research equipment.


(PI: Artur Rydosz)

Research on microwave gas sensors based on selected metal oxides – theoretical and experimental analysis

NCBR „Rzeczy są dla ludzi”

The aim of the projects is to develop solutions to improve the quality of live for people in terms of needs and requests. The competition „There are different sciences and schools for people” is carried out by universities and schools, financed by the Ministry of Special Purpose.

Rzeczy są dla ludzi/0089/2020

(PI: Artur Rydosz)

Portable device for detecting biomarkers
in the exhaled air


Programme “Applied research” is implemented under the EEA and Norway
Grants. The aim of the programm is to enhance performance of Polish applied
research in Poland through improved research cooperation between Poland and Norway, based on equal partnerships between Norwegian and Polish research institutions and enterprises.


(PI: Slawomir Gruszczynski)

Highly Accurate and Autonomous Programmable Platform for Providing Air Pollution Data Services to Drivers and Public.


The UWERTURA call for proposals for fellowships in international
research teams conducting ERC grants. 


(PI: Artur Rydosz)

Exhaled acetone detection in the
daily monitoring of diabetes


SONATA is a funding opportunity intended to support
the Principal Investigator in conducting innovative basic research, using
advanced research equipment and/or an original methodology.


(PI: Artur Rydosz)

Investigation of influence of GLAD technique for 3S
properties (sensitivity, selectivity, stability) of gas sensors with enhanced response for diabetes biomarkers in exhaled human breath




LIDER is a funding opportunity intended to give the
Principal Investigator a unique opportunity to manage their own research teams and to enforce their independence.


(PI: Artur Rydosz)

Nanosensors for portable breath analyzers


PRELUDIUM is a funding opportunity intended for pre-doctoral researchers
about to embark on their scientific career.

(PI: Katarzyna Dyndal)

Hybrid layers obtained by the PACVD – new perspective on organic diodes passivation


PRELUDIUM is a funding opportunity intended for pre-doctoral researchers
about to embark on their scientific career.


(PI: Artur Rydosz)

Investigation of possibility of development the microsystem for detection of selected voltaile organic compounds in the human breath using the semiconductor gas sensors and a micropreconcentrator structure